Copycat Bob Evan's Cobb Salad

Total Time
10 mins
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I love this salad!! So good, and just perfect in the summer. Definitely a full meal. This makes one lunch-size version of the cobb salad at Bob Evans. The onion used to be in the cobb salad, but then they took it out. I think it's really good in the salad though. The restaurant version has 13 ww points for this size. Prep time assumes chicken and egg are cooked.

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  1. Line a large bowl with large lettuce leaves.
  2. Add salad mix.
  3. Top with remaining ingredients, arranging attractively.
  4. Top with favorite salad dressing; I like ranch or blue cheese dressings.
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Made this Cobb Salad for dinner a few evenings ago, and it was absolutely delicious. I have an aversion to raw onion, so I switched out that ingredient for chopped red pepper and added a row of sliced avocado. I topped it off with homemade Italian dressing found within the Casa D'Angelo Salad II and it went perfectly!

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Delish! I have always loved cobb salads and this recipe was super easy and lovely to look at - as you can see in the photo. I doubled the recipe and served with a choice of balsamic vinagrette or creamy bleu cheese dressing. I grilled the chicken on the bbq and also added some avocado instead of the cheddar cheese. Thanks for sharing this delicious and easy salad!